Thursday, March 26, 2009

More things I like right now

1.) Beef in Japan
2.) Sweaters with a half zip
3.) Pinot Noir from California from 2004 (and 05 too)
4.) New challenges
5.)  My friend Gunn-san
6.)  Making my friend Bill uncomfortable and giggle at the same time
7.)  pictures of my dog
8.)  the excitement my friends Jeff and Michele have over their first house
9.)  My next-door neighbors who have become true friends of mine
10.)  Japan at night
11.)  Bend, OR at any time of day
12.)  Trash-talking about sports
13.)  Having a secure identity
14.)  concerts where the artist doesn't suck
15.)  talking about church
16.)  giving gifts
17.)  Mon Cher Ton Ton!  
18.)  headphones
19.)  The freakin burger at Le Pigeon (i drool every time i actually immerse my thoughts in it!)
20.)  The hope that G.O. will dominate in the NBA
21.)  Duke, in spite of the fact that they are irrelevant in the post season
22.)  A good watch
23.)  A good view
24.)  30 Rock
25.)  Talking about Hope 
26.)  My new friend and collegue "Ari" and his journey (I mostly like talking to him about real life stuff and I really liked traveling with him)
27.)  Bright socks
28.)  Those times in life you are really honest, and its okay

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